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Company liu college classmate party

Liu zhijun met in 20th anniversary reunion on speech (20150718).

Respect teacher, the classmate of everyone, everyone!

      Was held today, we gather, mechanical and electrical 9501 class met 20 years party. "after the organizing committee of the mechanical and electrical 9501 class classmate and have it to the teacher's enthusiasm and careful preparation, let's get together with students in different parts of the great river north and south of the motherland, to relive ShiEn, to renew friendship. Thank you to our school leaders and teachers high-profile reception, my Alma mater, my teacher, we all come back safely, for 17 years, although we live far apart, but our feelings Alma mater, we didn't give you lose face.

Today, when we again at his Alma mater, and our teacher in charge teacher sat together and all the real return to the innocent and lively student. Think that year, we are not children, now we have to shoulder the heavy burden of life. 17 years of age, although to destroy old us, but it gave us the wisdom and experience; Although the smooth our edges and corners, but brings us a composed and sophisticated... "Water resistance by stone, the friendship is not thin" by far, renew old friendships friendship, to renew the extraordinary experience, share the ups and downs of life, missing after say goodbye to each other, enjoy the joy of reunion. Here, I want to say a word in heart with students: no matter what you are doing now, what degree, as long as you are interest in this, enjoy it, you will succeed. To do things in life, whether do what thing, if you can reach the bottom line - feed their families, family harmony happiness, can think they achieve the basic success, do the basic duty. Sincerely wish the students happiness consists in contentment, enjoy, simple happiness! Both in high places, and the humble cloth; Whether rich or poor water, but the emotion between teachers and students in, classmate friendship forever! Now communications developed, the transportation is convenient, hope we often contact in the future, continue to small parties, big party, let the students emotion has been with us forever, forever inspire us; More fund rising, hope our class can we have a need to help students to provide a warm and provide material guarantee for our classmate party again.

To leave campus 17 years, we use the honest labor, amazing intelligent building the prime time in the life. 17 spring, summer, autumn and winter, we respectively through the process of how much wind and rain, how much suantiankula; Every classmate, is a rich content of the song of life. There is pride in the success, more full of success of countless hard struggle and frustration. Some schoolmates great hardships in his official career ups and downs, finally come to the fore, officialdom proud; Some classmates weak thin fame and wealth, obscurity, lived a quiet life mediocre; Some students response to the party's call to xinjiang construction of the motherland; Some students follow the wave of comrade deng xiaoping's reform and opening up, go to the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta; Later part of the students accumulate experience and a wealth, to business, independent portal, ACTS as the business of tves, rely on their diligence, become the enterprise's boss; Students also had to retire early, unemployed at the edge of the pond, began to weathering "old age", enjoy your life. 17 years of trials and hardships, I share my personal feeling: platform and it is very important to choose, harmonious family and the search for the root.

Idea 1: the platform and selection is very important

Your life is determined by your own, choose what kind of platform is what kind of life; Choice is more important than efforts, choose wrong, efforts in vain, and each choice is a reality and the ideal game, sense and sensibility, the results of the contest. Graduation we choose where we go, we choose what kind of work, we choose what kind of love, it is our choice; Since has chosen, do not regret; Since has chosen, that can only be to find ways to change their own destiny. 01 hometown build houses have no money, sister in law school have no money, give up the teacher career, I choose south gold; 04 fell ill, I think health is the most important, like I need to preserve one's health a lot of people, pension, medical and health, should be the future social development; 05 I chose medical equipment platform, for over ten years, a few times to choose a career with pain only self can understand.

Face many crossroads in life, not compromise, but how to choice. Such as: select into a big company, can learn management, management experience and professional skills, will allow you to work more full of opportunities in the future, for your future development of bedding, will also bring your job title of absolute advantage, relatively easy and comfortable for your career. Choose into a private small businesses, will let you become the all-powerful, can build a good foundation for your business soon. For example, choose to have two children, means more than a responsibility and obligation, also represents a more sow a hope. Such as: family choose tender wife, don't think the wife be a strong woman, help you to make money. Such as: selection of high-tech, sunrise industry work, or have a rest during the weekend. Such as: select when the teacher must have summer and winter vacations, choose your business, must be working 24 hours a day. Our parents are farmers, can provide us with the platform must be primary and limited; Parents, we now can offer better for the next generation platform is an obligation and responsibility. 17 years of trials and hardships, feeling deeply choice and platform is very important, and who together to determine what your outlook on life, world outlook and life in the future.

Idea 2: the home is a warm harbor

Shell, the home is a warm home is the place that can be rolled out on her mind, the home is no peach blossom paradise, the home is a long story in a word, the home is injured "dressing", "cool", it is a place where children parents investment, debt, in the hands grip the home is a pulse of a sweet savour, ying ying each brick home is every stone is build by laying bricks or stones out of the castle with love, family love is a circle, hand in hand for the radius of a circle, the home is the whole world in the snow, walk into a room which is in the spring... The home, for all of us, is a warm words. Since November 18, 2003 with the word "home", also have the corresponding wandering, wandering in the end is to find your paradise - home of the mind, to the house in the country to the forefront of reform and opening up silently dedication for more than a decade.

Family is all your life! The home, even poor, as long as someone, it is complete, warm. Without family person heart is always empty, like right now, I often go out, every moment in the heart desire to return to a home, stay at home for a few days. In does not belong to his own house, my heart is always miss my home, miss my family, especially my this hobby is not much.

The family is the cell of the society, only every family harmony happiness, personal career to stable development. Under one roof, as I understand this truth, no matter who truly family harmony happiness, talk easy! How many families are contradictions, struggling in the intricacies of the dispute, it may be said: every family has a difficult to read. Man is a social social animals with high IQ, who is feeling vulnerable the fragility of life. Human form families, is not only the need of the reproduction, but also the spiritual garden of Eden and body rest harbour. People are longing for happiness in the family, the rest, the result of the struggle is emerge in endlessly contradictions and disputes, intelligent human generations through short life in the helpless. Sometimes, we human beings learn from animals how to get along, how to build a family order. We are eager to good health and a happy mood. Life without family alone, of course, the dispute will be very few, lonely and lonely winding love life far from happiness. Establish daunting family is full of thorns, but, still have happiness harmony family at our side, we just lack of discovery and research. Remember, you don't count on through the reasonable to solve the conflict in the family, the family may be the secret of peace with the ritual apology, well-meaning deception, conditions, reduce desires, fron't even roguing, you can test it. Husband and wife mutual affection to unsustainable, family life, divorce is also a kind of decision, the choice of the best policy is to learn to deal with family dispute, although it is very difficult.

Idea 3: roots, to construct socialist "new countryside" (future)

On June 5, 1976 in the morning, a little boy when cry, tore the xiangxiang (county) activities in the tranquility of the countryside in a remote mountain village, liu was born in a simple and honest and simple peasant family. As a child I like many farmer families, on hometown, beautiful scenery, play with a friend, in the mountain scenery water by your young figure, to build up a beautiful picture scroll. Youth is not permanent, as the day by day growth of the age, hard working parents with meager income for our study, we begin to understand the outside world from the book, on May 18, 2001 formally the gold, the south sea cross-flow, the hero, falling leaves, this is our generation is difficult to release feelings, id card and residence booklet of zhuhai, counts as I used to post, just under the country's reform and opening up policy accumulation of material home, that's not my real home, my home is in a beautiful countryside of xiangtan, I openning water, full of hunan is my root, that is my real spiritual home. Xiang ChuYouCai, to fill in, the handsome boy beauty, xiang of genes; I want to close out wandering life, round their childhood in Ouagadougou, transforming home, everybody has dreams, return to nature, the release of feelings. With their own wisdom and wealth to return me to raise my land of this one party, investment hometown construction; Elderly do back to the farmer's self back to hometown, to build a new socialist countryside, even from already built a small village, that is my home, is my old home, is the dream of my future, I also for the next generation to build a wealth to the farm. Welcome to retire early classmate to my tea on a farm.

Today is met the 20th anniversary of the big party, 20 years ago, we have to go to campus, I remember, retain memories, the collection in mind, lifelong not forget! To spread our party to be put up the bridge of friendship, keep in touch each other forever. Expect our next big party a day earlier. The 10th anniversary of the party is all the communication class list, 17 yunfeng a fewer years of party, and line and treasure! Finally, I wish all the hard training about our teacher, healthy, happy and prosperous! I wish all the students, and buoyant health career, family harmony, peace and happiness! Have a friendship forever!

Mr. Liu

On July 17, 2015

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